Carla Massoni – Massoni Gallery

For more than 25 years, Massoni Gallery has been a cornerstone of Downtown Chestertown’s art scene. Gallerist Carla Massoni curates a sophisticated blend of work by locally based, nationally renowned artists such as Marc Castelli, Greg Mort, Marcy Dunn Ramsey, and Vicco von Voss. Her gallery, located in a crisp, light-filled second-floor space at 203 High Street, features works of sculpture, photography, paintings and mixed media, and Massoni regularly has changing exhibits of new works.

Massoni and her husband, Al, moved to Chestertown in 1985 from Chevy Chase, DC, to raise their family. “After we bought a second home here and as the children got older, we wanted them to have a small-town experience while being close to DC. We loved the feeling that they would be part of a community and town life—it was like the Annapolis I grew up in in the 40’s and 50’s.

The Massonis went on to buy and operate a hotel and restaurant on High Street, and those spaces birthed art shows, a cellar gallery specializing in contemporary American craft, and later, a collaborative gallery featuring art and American craft. Massoni struck out on her own in the early 90’s, and has since hosted countless shows in her namesake gallery. She also has placed artworks for non-profits, corporations and the State Department, and has worked with many private collectors.

“The exciting thing is as this Amazon world around us grows, the fine eye and unique services are what people have come to trust,” says Massoni. “They know they can always rely on the quality of the artists that they find in my gallery. And why do I have Massoni Gallery in the center of Chestertown?” she asks playfully. “Because Chestertown is the center of the universe. Eventually everyone will come here.”

Massoni Gallery, 203 High Street, (410) 778-7330.