Doug Rae – Evergrain

Founded in 2011, Evergrain is a bakery and coffee shop established and operated by head baker and owner, Douglas Rae. A trained graduate of Johnson and Wales University, Rae returned to his hometown of Chestertown to put down roots in a business that would both satisfy his passion for baking and contribute meaningfully to the community. “I knew I could make an impact on a small community,” Rae explains. “I knew that anything done well in Chestertown will thrive.”

Evergrain’s croissants, baguettes, and pastries are served in an atmosphere as warm and comforting as the staples it sells. Students, families, and locals linger at the café’s tables, or on the sidewalk along High Street in the summertime. In the winter, it provides an inviting place to come in out of the cold for a specialty coffee or a leisurely lunch. Doug has found the recipe for success in Chestertown.