Frontline Fund Thank You



At the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, Main Street Chestertown put out the call for donations to help provide meals for our local frontline responders. Thanks to your generosity, we raised $4,005 from over 40 participants.

During the course of the crisis, we were able to provide meals and snacks to the Chestertown police, Chestertown Post Office staff, County Emergency Management, and the hospital staff. We kept your donations in the community by purchasing these meals from local small businesses including The Kitchen, Figg’s Ordinary, Luisa’s, and Procolinos.

Thank you to everyone that donated!

Frontline Meal Fund Donors:

Chesapeake Bank & Trust

Lawrence Stahl

Rebecca Flora

Valerie Overton

Steven Payne

Barbara Vann

Francoise Sullivan

Thomas Rhodes

David Roberts

Louise O’Brien

Pat Stockwell

Kay MacIntosh

Jennifer Warren

Peter Ames

Gayle Jayne

Elizabeth Schoeb

David Bowering


Kristin Hickman

Heather Watkins

Annette Litteral

Bill MacIntosh

Robert Roth

Patricia Poole

Barbara Jorgenson

Barbara Noll

Terry Rabinowitz

Ronnie Edelman

Linda Hall

Holly Geddes

Nancy Holland

Angie Cannon

Janet Ferguson


Elizabeth Knapp

Maureen MacIntire

Bronwyn Becker

Victor Bowman

Rebecca Wright

Beth Ostrander

Ramona Vickers

Robbi Behr

Diana Wilson

Jamie Williams

Tim Fields

Phyllis Kacher

Dana Bourne

Alison Loughran

Timothy Maloney