Joyce Hale – Gabriel’s

In 2010, Joyce Hale built on the success of her clothing and gift shop in Galena, Maryland, and opened up a second location in downtown Chestertown. Offering an eclectic mix of items from scarves and jewelry to home décor, children’s toys, and party goods, Hale has curated a trendy take on traditional in her Cross Street shop. From sea salt soap to monogrammed tote bags, Hale has made sure that whether you’re giving a gift or treating yourself, Gabriel’s has just the thing, and at an affordable price.

With almost 20 years of experience as a shop owner in Kent County, Hale has demonstrated a commitment to serving the local community. She is optimistic about Chestertown’s retail economy.  “Gabriel’s is happy to be a part of this small but creative community that embraces tourists and locals alike.”

Gabriel’s, 207 S. Cross Street, 410-778-2123.