Tree Planters Fill Empty Spots on High Street

You may have noticed the handsome new wood planters on the 200 block of High Street in front of Evergrain Bakery, Massoni Gallery, and The Bank.  They were designed by volunteer John Leek, a retired builder who likes to give back to the community. John worked with other Main Street volunteers – Bill MacIntosh, Zane Carter and Andy Goddard – to build and install the planters around three red maple trees provided by the Town.

The planters are a temporary fix to hold the trees until they can be planted directly in the ground. That can’t happen until the roots of the former occupants of those tree wells, London Plane trees that had to be cut down because they were diseased, have decayed and the soil is ready for a new tree.  Until then, we’ll enjoy the young maples in their planters, which we’ll dress up with a stain once the wood is sufficiently aged.

Thanks to John, Bill, Zane, and Andy, and to Anthony’s Landscaping, whose crews worked with Main Street and the Town to get the trees well situated in their new homes!